A heartfelt celebration of diversity at the International Breakfast in Leichlingen

The rooms of the Evangelical Free Church congregation of Leichlingen became a place of encounter and joint celebration when Leichlingen Hilft welcomed over 80 participants of all ages to its International Breakfast. The atmosphere was characterized by warmth and cordiality as guests created moments together that will be remembered forever.

Participants from Europe, Asia, Africa and South America were warmly welcomed, who gathered for a cheerful get-together. Önder Balkaya, the initiator of Leichlingen Hilft, proudly presented the wide range of offers of his organization. A preview of upcoming activities next year was revealed on a freshly printed flyer, which was completed in time for the International Breakfast.

The rich buffet, curated by committed local companies and enriched by the specialties brought by guests from all over the world, invited the participants to a culinary journey. The Leichlingen Music School opened the festive atmosphere with jazz music and atmospheric Christmas carols. Afterwards, the Ukrainian singer Svitlana Marchuk took the stage and touched the hearts of those present with her impressive performance, which encouraged them to dance.

A magical moment was the visit of St. Nicholas, who made the children’s eyes shine with gift bags filled with treats. The Turkish music band “Harmonie Band” provided exuberant dancing and a good mood with rousing music.

The Crew e.V. enabled the youngest participants to do creative activities, such as making Christmas cards. While the parents ate in peace and enjoyed the music, the children made new friends in a playful way.

The Evangelical Free Church congregation of Leichlingen not only opened its wonderful premises, but also offered active support during the set-up and dismantling as well as during the entire breakfast.

Many thanks go to the generous sponsors who made this event possible:

  • Leichlingen Foundation of the Kreissparkasse Köln
  • Butcher shop Brandt
  • Café Büchel
  • Bergische farm barn
  • Abrahams Trout

With sincere thanks, Önder Balkaya turned to the volunteers of Leichlingen Hilft, who contributed significantly to the success of this event with their dedication and commitment. A strenuous but fulfilling day was coming to an end, and full of anticipation they are already looking forward to the next events, which will further deepen the friendships.