Review: Pizza baking at the Art & Sound Mile 2024

On Sunday, June 23, 2024, the Art & Sound Mile with Association Day in Leichlingen was a special highlight. One of the attractions was the communal pizza baking, organized by “Leichlingen Hilft” in the old city park at the bus station. Thanks to the generous support of Pizzeria Evergreen, which sponsored the dough and pizza sauce, all visitors were able to enjoy this culinary event not only free of charge, but also in sufficient quantities.

A new and successful experience

The pizza baking was a premiere in Leichlingen, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. The campaign was designed to be low-threshold and accessible to everyone. It was particularly impressive to see how children created their pizzas together, regardless of religion, skin color or other differences.

A big thank you to Pizzeria Evergreen

A special thank you goes to the Pizzeria Evergreen, which made this event possible in the first place. The Pizzeria Evergreen is an institution in Leichlingen, known for its high-quality organic ingredients and the fresh taste of its dishes. Their dough and pizza sauce, generously provided to us, ensured that each pizza was a real treat.

The local support and commitment of Pizzeria Evergreen have contributed significantly to the success of the campaign and show how local businesses can enrich community life.

Other supporters and volunteer work

We would also like to thank Erika for borrowing the tables and pavilions as well as Mrs. Hermann-Dunstheimer and her team for the excellent and smooth organization of the festival. A big thank you goes to the almost 30 volunteers who helped us with the organization, set-up and dismantling as well as with the maintenance of the stand. Not to forget the numerous visitors who enriched our work with their nice conversations and great support.

Recognition for “Leichlingen Hilft”

Another highlight of the day was the official presentation of the Heimat-Preis. “Leichlingen Hilft” received third place, a great recognition of our commitment. Congratulations also to the scouts “DPSG Stamm Wippera Leichlingen” for second place and to the ecumenical hospice service Leichlingen for first place.


The day was full of joy, encounters and culinary delights. We thank everyone involved for their support and look forward to many more shared experiences in the future. A special thank you goes again to the Pizzeria Evergreen, which made a significant contribution to the success of this wonderful day with its support and commitment.