Many thanks to Café Büchel

We, Leichlingen Hilft, would like to take advantage of this special moment here in the bakery with freshly scented baked goods to say a huge thank you to you, Martin Schneppenheim, and your wonderful team at Café Büchel.

The fact that you continue to be committed and support us despite the imminent closure at the end of July not only shows your strength, but also that your help really comes from the heart. It is not a sign of duty, but of genuine humanity and commitment. Thank you for that! We will not only miss your lovingly baked rolls, breads, baguettes and much more, but above all you and your always friendly and helpful team.

Your social streak and willingness to help people, associations and initiatives in our community are particularly remarkable. You have always helped and supported with open arms and a warm heart wherever you could. Café Büchel was not only a place for delicious baked goods, but also a place of encounter and cohesion.

It is sad to hear that Café Büchel will soon close its doors. We will all miss your baking skills and first-class service very much. But I am sure that your passion for the craft will live on, no matter where the path takes you. Thank you again for all you have done for our community. You have left a lasting impression, and we are eternally grateful.

With this in mind, we would like to thank Café Büchel from the bottom of our hearts for its generous support over the past few years and also at today’s International Breakfast. Without their contribution, this event would not have been possible.

Thank you very much, Café Büchel, for your great support!

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