Our successful International Breakfast in the Sinneswald

On June 29, 2024, it was that time again: Leichlingen Hilft hosted another International Breakfast in the picturesque Sinneswald, Leichlingen. This special event provided a wonderful opportunity for people from different cultures and backgrounds to meet, exchange and celebrate together.

We were very pleased to receive 120 registrations, including 20 on the waiting list. Unfortunately, about 85 guests found their way to our breakfast. Unfortunately, it was only after the event that we received cancellations from 8 registered guests who had cancelled between 8 and 11 a.m. on the same day. Unfortunately, this made it impossible for us to let participants from the waiting list move up in time. In the future, we will have to improve our organization and planning in order to better master such challenges.

A special highlight of the morning was the musical performance by the Ukrainian singer Svitlana Marchuk. She opened her performance with a sad song that caused tears among many guests despite the language barrier. The emotional depth of her voice and the moving music created a special atmosphere. In the course of their performance, the songs became more and more cheerful and invited many participants to dance along, which loosened up the mood and strengthened the sense of community.

Jana Liah from Bauchtanz Köln enchanted those present with an impressive belly dance performance. Her performance was not only a visual highlight, but she also managed to animate men and women, young and old, to dance along. Their positive energy and lively performance created a great atmosphere and unforgettable moments.

Around noon, an inclusive hiking group from Cologne joined us, attracted by the music that sounded different. The group of nine people stayed until the end of the event and thanked them warmly. They were impressed by the open and warm atmosphere and expressed the desire to be part of the next International Breakfast from the very beginning.

The culinary variety of our buffet was enriched by the generous support of Café Büchel from Leichlingen. The café, known for its excellent quality and attention to detail, provided us with freshly baked rolls and bread. We would like to thank Martin Schneppenheim and his team from the bottom of our hearts for their generous support, which made this event possible in the first place. Despite the imminent closure of the café at the end of July, the team remained committed and impressively showed that their help really comes from the heart.

Our International Breakfast in the Sinneswald was not only a celebration of culinary diversity, but also a strong sign of cohesion and solidarity within the community of Leichlingen. The positive response and the high number of participants showed how important such events are for the social and cultural life of our city.

Upcoming dates for the International Breakfast:

  • 28 September 2024
    • Location: Protestant parish hall in Witzhelden
  • 7 December 2024
    • Location: Catholic Church (St. Nicholas Celebration)

Stay tuned and save the dates! We look forward to many more enriching encounters and unforgettable moments with you.

A heartfelt thank you goes to our generous sponsors who supported this event:

  • Butcher shop Brandt
  • Café Büchel
  • Bergische farm barn
  • Abrahams Trout
  • GelaTo Go Ice Cream Parlor
  • Nachbarschaftscafé Wupperbogen e.V.
  • Sensory Forest

Once again, a heartfelt thank you to all participants, helpers and sponsors who contributed to the success of this special event. We look forward to welcoming you again at our upcoming International Breakfasts.

Your team from Leichlingen Hilft