Cooking together for children

We cordially invite you to cook and eat together for children! Our project is for children ages 6 (1st grade) to 14 years old and takes place at least once a month on Fridays from 4pm to 7pm. Our goal is to promote integration and togetherness and to give children the opportunity to cook and eat together.

On the following days: 14.04., 05.05., 02.06., 18.08., 01.09., 20.10., 03.11., 01.12. and Dec. 15, always on Fridays from 4 to 7 p.m., there will be a joint cooking and eating for children in cooperation with AWO. Whether with or without a migration background, all children are welcome to participate!

And best of all: Participation in the project “Cooking together for kids” is free of charge for the children! It is important to us that all children, regardless of their financial situation, can participate in our activities.

Please note that registration is mandatory for participation in the project “Cooking together for children”. You can either contact us to sign up, or sign up if you are interested.

We look forward to seeing you and sharing cooking adventures!


Is mandatory, please contact!
If you are interested, please register here!

Evangelical Free Church congregation Leichlingen
At the brickyard 3-5
42799 Leichlingen



    Dürfen wir von Ihrem Kind Fotos machen und diese veröffentlichen?

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