Become a volunteer and support us!

At Leichlingen Hilft, there are many different ways to volunteer and make a positive impact on our community. No matter what your skills and interests, there’s bound to be an opportunity for you. Here are some areas where you can help:

1. homework help: help students with their homework and help them achieve their academic goals.

2. game afternoons: organize joint game afternoons to promote fellowship and fun.

3. cooking: Share your cooking skills and prepare meals together for those in need.

4. support events: Help organize and run community service events and activities.

5. sponsorship: become a godfather or godmother for someone in need and accompany them on their way.

6. accompany people to doctor’s visits: Support people by accompanying them to doctor’s appointments and assisting them.

7. teach German classes: get involved as a teacher or language helper to help refugees integrate.

8. craft support: contribute your craft skills to carry out repairs or renovations.

9. interpreting services: Assist as an interpreter to overcome language barriers and facilitate communication.

10. artistic-musical offer: share your artistic or musical talents and inspire others.

11. housing search/furnishing: Support recognized refugees in finding housing and furnishing their new accommodation.

12. and much more: there are many more ways you can get involved with us.

No matter which opportunity you choose, your volunteer efforts are appreciated and can make a lasting difference in the lives of people in our community. Leichlingen Hilft welcomes your help and contribution to bring our community closer together and provide support to those who need it. Join our team and make a positive difference!