A radiant sense of achievement: The 1st International Children’s Festival 2023

The 1st International Children’s Festival was an extraordinary success and a significant event for our community. With more than 150 enthusiastic visitors, bright sunshine and an atmosphere full of joy and enthusiasm, it exceeded all our expectations.

The main goal of this celebration was to promote the integration of children from different cultural backgrounds and to strengthen togetherness in our community. It was an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of our city and bring together children from different countries and cultures to have fun and make friends together.

The cooperation with our cooperation partner, Crew e.V., was excellent. Their commitment and support contributed significantly to the success of the festival. In addition, we were generously supported by Knall.Effekt by providing a fantastic bouncy castle that provided endless fun and entertainment for the children. This generous gesture demonstrates the true commitment of businesses to the well-being of children in our community.

The children were overjoyed and the positive emotions were literally palpable. They had the opportunity to participate in various activities and games that encouraged their creativity and social interaction. The International Children’s Festival was an opportunity for them to make new friends, feel comfortable in an intercultural environment, and have a meaningful time.

Particularly pleasing was the fact that on the same day, all participants gave their confirmation for the repetition of the 2nd International Children’s Festival for World Children’s Day 2024. This underscores the importance of this event to our community and demonstrates the strong commitment of all involved to continue to focus on integration, friendship and the enjoyment of children.

The International Children’s Festival was not only an event of celebrating together, but also a sign of how important it is to build bridges between different cultures and create an inclusive and friendly community. We are proud to have been a part of this remarkable day and look forward to continuing this valuable event next year.