Invitation to an afternoon of games: Integration through play!

We warmly welcome you to our next games afternoon.

Beginning in 2024, we will hold these events regularly on the third Friday of each month, beginning on January 19, 2024 and continuing on February 16, 2024, March 15, 2024, April 19, 2024, May 17, 2024, June 21, 2024, July 19, 2024, August 16, 2024, September 20, 2024, October 18, 2024, November 15, 2024, and December 21, 2024.

We cordially invite you to this special games afternoon at the premises of the Evangelical Free Church congregation in Leichlingen, An der Ziegelei 3-5, 42799. This event is for all people from Leichlingen and the surrounding area, whether you are a local or from other parts of the world.

Invited are children, teenagers, adults and especially older people who enjoy playing together or would like to meet new people. The Kinderkiste Leichlingen generously supports us and provides numerous games for our youngest guests. We also have a selection of games on site, but you are welcome to bring your own games to play with others.

For your physical well-being we provide coffee, tea and water, thanks to the support of Leichlingen Hilft. Cakes and other goodies are also welcome if you would like to bring a donation.

Our games afternoon is not only fun, but also an opportunity to meet new people and experience cultural diversity. Board games can build a bridge between different cultures and bring us closer together.

We would be very pleased if you would join us for this entertaining and enriching afternoon. Your participation helps to promote integration and coexistence in our city.

Please note that advance registration is strongly requested to ensure that we have enough seats and games available for all participants.

Together we would like to promote integration in a playful way and look forward to an afternoon full of fun and encounters together.


Is mandatory, please contact!
If you are interested, please register here!

Evangelical Free Church congregation Leichlingen
At the brickyard 3-5
42799 Leichlingen


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