Cooking together

Every Wednesday at 6 p.m. there is a cooking and eating together to strengthen integration and togetherness.

In our varied cooking group, we have already prepared dishes from a variety of countries. Our culinary journey took us through the aromas and flavors of the following countries: Turkey, Italy, Greece, Ukraine, India, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Macedonia, Syria, Bulgaria, Thailand, Albania, the United States of America, Portugal, Armenia and Morocco. Each country brought its own culinary traditions and specialties, which we enthusiastically explored and cooked together.

Each culinary journey was a chance to get to know a country’s culture and traditions better and to discover new taste sensations. From spices and herbs to exotic ingredients and refined preparation techniques, we explored the diversity of global cuisine together.

In addition to the individual country themes, we also devoted ourselves to special activities, such as raclette and barbecue. These events offered us the opportunity to exchange culinary ideas in different ways and to try out new preparation methods.

Cooking and eating together are important components in every culture. Cooking and eating together creates encounters, activities, contacts and friendships that can also be useful outside of the joint activities. Everyone, with or without an immigrant background, is welcome to attend. Registration is mandatory for participation in the project “Cooking together”.

And best of all: Participation in the “Cooking Together” project is free of charge! It is important to us that all people, regardless of their financial situation, can participate in our activities.


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