Taking in refugees from Ukraine privately?

Who do I contact if I want to make an apartment available?

If you would like to provide additional living space for people fleeing the war, please contact the city of Leichlingen!

Contact person: Sascha Göbeler, telephone: 02175/992-150,
Email address: sascha.goebeler@leichlingen.de

For how long will my room or apartment be needed?
Ideally, the war will be over quickly and those who have fled can return quickly.

We hope that the war will not last for months or even years. You should reckon with the fact that those who have fled will not be able to return to their homeland any time soon.

According to the current EU regulation, most refugees can get a residence permit (according to § 24 AufenthG) for one year, which can be extended to up to three years.

It is important that the refugees are able to live in the long term, because after registration, the refugees are tied to their place of residence. Eg after 8 weeks the landlord/roommate finds out that it doesn’t fit. In this case, the refugee family must try to find an alternative apartment. Otherwise it can happen that the municipality only has free capacities in collective accommodation and would accommodate the family here!
You must also reckon with the fact that other family members may be added in the near future.

Please think carefully about the step and write down all the pros and cons and ask friends and family members, It works best with separate living units, or an adjoining apartment where you can also avoid each other.

In an emergency please PM us.

Please only enter emergency accommodation here!