The way to school

Arrival of refugee children and young people in the district.

The way we recommend registering the refugee child at the school in Leichlingen

Parents register directly with the school.
The school checks admission and accepts if a place is available.
The lesson can begin.
The school arranges for the school entrance examination at the health department, gives feedback on admission to the lower school supervisory authority and forwards the information to the municipal integration center.

At the same time, we recommend that parents contact the Municipal Integration Center for advice on the multi-tier school system and the importance of different school-leaving qualifications in Germany. It is important to respond to the individual needs and wishes of the children and young people in order to receive the right education and support.

It is important that refugee children and young people go to school and learn German as quickly as possible.

Diagram RBK “The way to school for children and young people from Ukraine”