The Ukrainian school system

In the Ukraine, all children usually start school at the age of 6 and learn their first foreign language, usually English and our characters, in elementary school
Mathematical and scientific skills are often at a high level in Ukraine.

1st – 4th grade elementary school1st – 4th grade elementary school
5th – 8th grade secondary school (SEK 1)5th – 10th grade secondary school (SEK 1)
9th – 11th grade high school10th – 13th grade high school

In secondary school they learn another foreign language such as German, French, Polish, etc.

In the case of secondary schools in Ukraine, there is no division into school types such as grammar school, elementary school, junior high school, secondary school and comprehensive school.
All children who started 1st grade after 2018 must go to school for 12 years until they graduate from high school.

School grades in Ukraine

A grade of 1 means you have failed in Ukraine, a grade of 6 is satisfactory and a grade of 12 means very good. There are no grades in elementary school, only a written assessment.