Invitation to the “Welcome picnic in the countryside”

for big and small from the Ukraine and from Leichlingen

Do you fancy a picnic with joy, games, delicious food and drinks in a heavenly place in Leichlingen?

Would you like to get to know other children from Leichlingen with your parents and play with them?

Do you love running, jumping, hopping?

Do you sometimes enjoy the quiet after a boisterous game?

We do all this together on Saturdays at my favorite place,

in the Sensory Forest in Leichlingen.

Meeting point:

Bus station in Leichlingen, line 253

Departure time: 9:55 am

Dates :

14.05.2022, 04.06.2022,18.06.2022, 25.06.2022,
02.07.2022, 23.07.2022, 30.07.2022

REGISTRATION under 02175-1607 or 0151-57709733 or

Sincerely yours
Sylvia Blümke

I would like to thank Wicze Braun and Wolfgang Brudes for allowing me to use the summer meadow at the quarry and the SinnesWald for this event.