Together 227 hearts brightened – A magical success of the Wishing Tree project in Leichlingen!

This year, the people of Leichlingen achieved great things: together, 227 wishes were fulfilled, including 50 gifts in the form of Ikea vouchers for the local children’s home. This impressive success is thanks to the efforts of 10 dedicated volunteers who have put their heart and soul into the Wishing Tree project.

This year’s Wishing Tree campaign not only brought a sparkle to children’s eyes, but also touched the hearts of senior citizens. The wishes fulfilled ranged from practical gifts such as coffee, frying pans and washing powder for senior citizens to heart-warming wishes from children for chocolate, sweets, books, school supplies and urgently needed winter items such as winter shoes and winter jackets.

The emotional closeness to these wishes moved us deeply and made it clear how important this campaign is for people of different ages. A small gift can represent not only material things, but also a large portion of love and care.

When the presents were handed over, we were able to look into the beaming eyes of children, see overjoyed parents and senior citizens with tears in their eyes. These moments showed how important this campaign is for the community.

Unfortunately, we also had to remove some wishes that exceeded the set value of EUR 25. Despite repeated contact by telephone and e-mail, we were unable to obtain any alternative requests from those affected. This was a difficult decision to make, but was necessary to ensure fairness and equality among all participants.

The strong support of the stores, schools, kindergartens and organizations that accepted wish cards, as well as the stores that set up our wish trees and accepted gifts, contributed significantly to our success.

The Wishing Tree campaign has shown that there is a strong bond of solidarity and togetherness in our community. It was proven that the magic of Christmas lies in solidarity and charity.

Sincere thanks go to everyone involved, whose support and generosity helped to make this campaign a success. The organization team is already looking forward to next year, when the campaign will be continued with new insights and fresh energy.

For further information and queries, please contact the organizers.