A Culinary Feast of Diversity: Review of the 2nd International Breakfast in Leichlingen

Last August 19, 2023, the Leichlingen community gathered to celebrate a culinary and cultural highlight: the 2nd International Breakfast. Under the patronage of “Leichlingen Hilft” and the AWO, the event became an impressive meeting of diverse cultures that delighted the palate as much as the hearts.

In the premises of the AWO the 2nd International Breakfast took place, which was very well received by almost 60 guests from different countries of origin. The rich breakfast buffet, a masterful compilation of country delicacies, brought the flavors and tastes from around the world to one table.

Limited seating presented a challenge to participants, but the sense of community was stronger. Some guests chose to stand, which was made easier by providing extra chairs and moving the tables close together. The organizers made a conscious decision to forgo a live band and other programming in order to emphasize conviviality and a focus on the shared breakfast experience.

The culinary offerings reflected the cultural diversity of the guests – from savory dishes to sweet delicacies, a world tour of tastes could be taken.

The volunteer efforts of numerous helpers contributed significantly to the success of the event. Their support enabled the event to run smoothly and created a warm atmosphere in which guests could exchange ideas and make new connections.

The success of the 2nd International Breakfast would not have been possible without the generous support of our sponsors. The Brand Butcher Shop, Café Büchel, Enno’s Egg Paradise, the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and the KSK Foundation all contributed with their contributions and donations to make this unique event a reality and to promote the message of community and intercultural exchange.

Quote from the organizers/organization: “The 2nd International Breakfast was not only a celebration of cultures, but also a strong sign of the diversity of our community.”

The organizers would like to thank all guests, helpers and sponsors for their support. The positive response encourages the event team to continue developing the International Breakfast and to celebrate cultural diversity in a fitting manner. Preparations for the upcoming International Breakfasts are already in full swing. The next event of this kind is planned for 09 December 2023 at the Brickyard. It promises special highlights, including a visit from Leichlingen’s Santa Claus, rousing live music, captivating folklore performances and a specially designed children’s program. We look forward to celebrating cultural diversity once again and spending an inspiring time together.

Given the growing interest and enthusiasm for our event, we are thinking of changing the concept from breakfast to an extended brunch. This expansion would allow us to offer an even more diverse culinary experience and provide space for expanded programming.

However, such a transition poses additional challenges, particularly in terms of financial support. A brunch requires more resources and funding to cover the expanded food and activity offerings. Therefore, we are open to cooperation with other sponsors who share our vision and want to help us realize this unique event.

We are grateful for the generous support of our existing sponsors to date, which include Metzgerei Brand, Café Büchel, Ennos Eierparadies, the State of NRW and the KSK Foundation. Your contributions helped make our event a success.

If you are also interested in becoming part of this special event and promoting cultural diversity and intercultural exchange in our