Enno’s Egg Paradise – A contribution to the diversity of our International Breakfast

We are thrilled with the generous egg donation from Enno’s Egg Paradise for our upcoming International Breakfast. This donation is no ordinary gesture, but a matter of the heart of Caddy and her feathered friends – Amber, Beate, Frieda, Gertrude, Henriette, Ibiza, Jenne and Hildegard. These happy chickens, living under the loving care of Enno, contribute to our breakfast with proud flapping of their wings.

Caddy, one of Enno’s pioneer feathered residents, proudly tells of her cozy home in a charming frame house. Together with her feathered companions and the lively Mr. Chicken, she has been part of the Enno’s Egg Paradise community for quite some time. There they continuously lay eggs in abundance. Thanks to the caring environment at Egg Paradise, these hens get to enjoy a full life surrounded by sunshine and comfort.

Ennos Eierparadies is a pioneer in animal welfare and sustainability. The chickens have the freedom to frolic in lush meadows and lead a species-appropriate life. This special environment is reflected in the eggs laid by Caddy and her friends, which are not only fresh and delicious, but also represent responsible farming.

We would like to thank Caddy, her feathered companions and Enno from the bottom of our hearts for their generous donation. Your support makes our International Breakfast a unique event where people of different cultures can come together and enjoy diversity. The egg donation from Enno’s Egg Paradise is a shining example of sustainable practices, and we are proud to have them as a partner for our breakfast.

If you are also interested in fresh eggs directly from the producer, who puts the welfare of the hens first, we invite you to contact Marit Wirtz and reserve your eggs from Enno’s Egg Paradise. Together, we can advocate for sustainable agriculture and animal welfare while enjoying a delicious breakfast.

Our goal with this international breakfast goes beyond just enjoyment. We want to bring people of different backgrounds together by eating together to promote understanding and tolerance. The event will be held on August 19, 2023 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

we, the team of “Leichlingen Hilft”, are extremely happy about your registration for our upcoming International Breakfast, which will take place on 19.08.2023 from 10 am to 2 pm. With this letter we would like to officially send you the confirmation of your participation.

The event will be held in the premises of AWO, at the following address:

AWO Leichlingen
Am Schulbusch 16
42799 Leichlingen

We invite you to participate in this day and explore the delicious flavors from different countries. Your registration by SMS or WhatsApp on 0160 2 150 150 or by email to oender@balkaya.de would be a valuable support for the organization.

Since the number of participants is limited, we recommend early registration to ensure that you can join us for this special event. Your participation will undoubtedly help enrich this extraordinary culinary experience and strengthen the message of community and cohesion.

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    I will bring an international specialty for the buffet.