A culinary feast of the Hokkaido pumpkin: cooking and enjoying together

Autumn is approaching in leaps and bounds, and with it comes the anticipation of delicious culinary adventures. This year, the residents of Leichlingen can look forward to a very special culinary event: the “Vegetarian Pumpkin Evening” organized by “Leichlingen Hilft”. This inspiring project, which brings together people from different backgrounds to cook together and discover the diversity of the culinary world, has already generated excitement in the past. But the upcoming pumpkin evening promises to exceed all expectations.

On September 13, 2023, the Evangelical Free Church congregation in Leichlingen will open its doors for this extraordinary event. The evening is all about the Hokkaido pumpkin, generously donated by Rene Herber. With this great ingredient in hand, participants will immerse themselves in a culinary world that delights the taste buds and nourishes the soul.

The menu for this special evening was carefully created:

  • Appetizer: Hearty and creamy pumpkin soup – A warming and spicy appetizer that kicks off the evening perfectly.
  • Main course: Pumpkin gnocchi with ricotta – Tender gnocchi prepared with fresh Hokkaido pumpkin and creamy ricotta promise a culinary highlight.
  • Dessert: Tempting pumpkin pie – A sweet masterpiece that will delight the palate.
  • Side dish: Delicious pumpkin bread – An aromatic addition that tantalizes the taste buds.

But this evening offers more than just culinary delights. Children are also invited to participate in a fun activity where they can carve giant pumpkins to develop their creative skills.

What makes this evening so special, however, is not only the excellent food, but also the warm-hearted atmosphere of “Leichlingen Hilft”. This project is dedicated to bringing people from different cultures together to share culinary traditions and build bridges of understanding and empathy. At previous events, there were moving encounters between new Leichlingen residents and refugee participants. They swapped stories, shared their cultural backgrounds and created connections that extended beyond the evening.

We would like to sincerely thank Rene Herber for their generous donation of Hokkaido and Giant pumpkins that made this special event possible. Their commitment to the Leichlingen community is inspiring and shows how people can come together to do good.

The “Vegetarian Pumpkin Evening” organized by “Leichlingen Hilft” promises not only to spoil the palate, but also to warm the hearts of the participants. If you are curious about new culinary experiences and would like to be part of a warm community, make a note of this special evening.

Date: September 13, 2023

Location: Evangelical Free Church congregation Leichlingen An der Ziegelei 3-5 42799 Leichlingen

Time: 18:00

For more information and registration please visit the website of “Leichlingen Hilft” here. We look forward to welcoming you to this culinary feast. Together, we can create a positive difference in our community and help make Leichlingen even better for everyone.


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