Statewide test alarm – NRW 2023

On 09 March 2023, the nationwide WarnTag will take place again at 11:00.

For this the sirens are triggered in all cities and municipalities.

The test alarm starts with the siren signal “All clear”.

After a 5-minute pause, the “WARNING” signal follows.

After another 5 minutes, the test alarm is terminated again with the “all clear” signal.

Simultaneous notifications are made via smartphone apps, radio announcements, and in some communities, loudspeaker announcements from warning vehicles.

This time also about the new Cell Broadcast process.

The aim of the test alarm is to test the infrastructure of the sirens and at the same time to raise awareness of the signals among the population.

The siren signal for alerting the fire department (2x interrupted 1-minute continuous tone) is dispensed with!

The fire department in Leichlingen is no longer alerted to operations by siren alarm.

Why is warned❓

Major incidents of damage and hazardous situations

endanger your safety and property!

In the event of danger, you will be warned on the spot so that you can prepare for the danger and behave correctly.

Occasions for warning the population can be:

🔥 Large fires

⛈ Storm

💧 Flood

💣 acute bomb disposal

☠️ Pollutant leaks

Or other acute dangers

Behavioral instructions in case of emergency:

Help out and follow the behavioral guidelines, for example:

😌 Keep calm

🏠 Enter/exit building or apartment

👩👨Inform neighbors

🚪 Close doors and 🪟 windows

📻 Switch on radio (Radio Berg, WDR 2; in case of power failure: car radio)

Do not block emergency calls (110 or 112) by asking! Call only in case of emergency!

For questions about dangerous situations, a citizen and information telephone of the city administration is switched if necessary and can be reached at 02175/992-333.

Source: Leichlingen Fire Department

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