Delicious fun: A review of the 1st cooking for children on 14.04.2023

On 14.04.2023 it was finally time – the first cooking for children took place and it was a complete success! The little chefs and cooks had a fantastic time preparing delicious dishes together. Here is a review of this delicious event.

The event began with the preparation of pizza dough. Under expert guidance, the children were able to knead flour, water, yeast and salt into a smooth dough and roll it out. It was amazing to see how skillfully the children worked the dough with their little hands and shaped it into the desired form.

Once the pizza dough was ready, we moved on to preparing the pizza sauce. Instead of fresh tomatoes, we used canned peeled tomatoes that the kids crushed and chopped by hand. Together with herbs and spices, they mixed the ingredients into a delicious sauce. The kids were on fire and kept tasting to make sure the sauce had the right flavor.

Then it was time to top the pizzas. The little chefs could choose their homemade pizza sauce and favorite toppings to their heart’s content. It was wonderful to see them creating their own pizzas with enthusiasm and pride. From salami to ham to fresh vegetables – the creativity knew no bounds.

Next up were chocolate skewers, which were a big hit with the kids. Using fresh fruits such as strawberries, bananas and pineapples, they were able to assemble their own chocolate skewers and cover them with melted chocolate. It was a sweet treat for all the senses! The children were enthusiastic and could hardly wait to eat their homemade chocolate skewers.

In between, a refreshing fruit punch was also made, without alcohol of course, so that all children could enjoy it without hesitation. The colorful mixture of different fruits, which the children washed, peeled and cut themselves, provided a delicious change and refreshed the little chefs in between.

After all the dishes were prepared, it was finally time to enjoy the homemade food. Together, all participants sat down at the table and feasted on the delicious pizzas and chocolate skewers. It was a special moment to see how proud the children were of their homemade creations and how gleefully they tasted the results. Some parents were even able to join the table and enjoy the delicious food together with their children.

The first cooking for children was a complete success and we are thrilled how much fun the children had and how delicious the results were. We are already looking forward to the next date on 05.05.2023

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