Playing together for integration: an afternoon full of joy and diversity

Yesterday, on 06.10.2023, our first games afternoon took place under the motto “Integration in a playful way!”. It was a great afternoon of games that lasted until 8pm and everyone got their money’s worth. We played well-known games like Uno, Activity, Kakarlake and also many not so well-known games “Don’t say no” as well as “Don’t say yes” and others.

The atmosphere during our afternoon of games was really warm and friendly. It was great to see participants from different age groups and cultural backgrounds supporting and communicating with each other.

The games Uno and Activity proved to be excellent ways to learn and practice the German language in a fun way. Not only those who spoke German as a foreign language benefited, but also those who had German as their mother tongue had a lot of fun explaining and guessing terms.

Particularly impressive was how the games Activity, “Don’t say no” and “Don’t say yes” helped to promote communication. These games required creative thinking and produced fun and sometimes surprising results. It was refreshing to see people of all ages engaged in lively discussions and striving to express their ideas and thoughts.
It was amazing how terms like “fence”, “diving goggles”, “zebra” and many others were correctly guessed. This caused amazement and a lot of fun for all participants.

The presence of children, adults and seniors helped to make this afternoon a real community experience. Young and old shared stories, laughed together and enjoyed each other’s company. It was an example of how games can bring people together and build bridges between different generations and cultures.

Our thanks also go to the Kinderkiste, which generously supported us with numerous games. Without their support, this afternoon of games would not have been as diverse and entertaining. The games provided helped people of all ages and backgrounds connect.

We are determined to continue organizing such events in the future to promote integration in a fun way and to celebrate the diversity of our community. A big thank you to everyone who participated in this successful afternoon of games!