The blue flower ribbon in Leichlingen – A blooming thank you!

The Offenland Foundation and the Naturefriends local group in Leverkusen Neuenkamp launched an impressive campaign in which thousands of grape hyacinths were planted in Leichlingen. These colorful flowers not only enrich our city, but also serve as the first source of food for insects in the spring.

Protecting our environment and promoting biodiversity are critical, and we are thrilled with the commitment that has been put into this project. Sincere thanks go to all those who contributed.

Leichlingen Hilft was there with 20 participants, both with and without a migration background, and is happy to have contributed to this great project. The weather had been kind to us today and we were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and support we experienced.

This issue affects us all, regardless of origin or background. Together we can achieve much more. 🌿🌸