Ennos Eierparadies – Egg donation for our International Breakfast

We are very pleased with the generous donation of fresh eggs from Enno’s Egg Paradise for our International Breakfast. But this donation is not just any egg donation – it comes from Caddy and her friends Amber, Beate, Frieda, Gertrude, Henriette, Ibiza, Jenne and Hildegard, the happy chickens who live with Enno on the sun.

Caddy, one of the first 10 hens at Enno’s Egg Paradise, proudly tells of her home in a fancy frame house, along with her friends and the wild Mr. Chicken. They have been living with Enno for several years and lay as many and as large eggs as possible. Thanks to their good living conditions and care at Enno’s Egg Paradise, they can enjoy their chicken life to the fullest.

Ennos Eierparadies is known for its commitment to animal welfare and sustainability. The chickens live in species-appropriate husbandry, have names and can happily flit across the grass – all year round. Enno attaches great importance to the welfare of his chickens and offers them a loving home where they feel comfortable and happy.

The generous egg donation from Enno’s Egg Paradise for our International Breakfast allows us to offer high quality and sustainable eggs to our participants. Caddy and her friends’ eggs are not only fresh and delicious, but also represent sustainable and responsible farming.

We would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts Caddy, her friends and Enno for their generous egg donation. With their support, our International Breakfast becomes a special event where people from different cultures can come together and enjoy together. The egg donation from Enno’s Egg Paradise is a shining example of sustainable and responsible practices and we are proud to have them as a partner for our breakfast.

If you also have a desire for fresh eggs directly from the producer, where the hens live a happy life, then contact Marit Wirtz and reserve the first eggs from Enno’s Egg Paradise. Together we can set an example for sustainable agriculture and animal welfare while looking forward to a delicious breakfast.

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