🌟 Exciting news for Leichlingen! 🌟

We are considering the possibility of hosting an international festival in our beautiful city next year. Imagine a stage where internationally renowned singers, dancers and more will perform – a cultural experience you won’t want to miss. The perfect place? Either in the Brückerfeld or our beloved old city park.

We at Leichlingen Hilft have been in talks for months with Burscheid Live, who are enthusiastic about supporting us. Burscheid Live is well known for their successful “International Burscheid” festival and we are sure that their expertise will help us to create our own event.

But we can’t do it alone! We are looking for associations, companies and individuals who can imagine participating in this exciting project and support our vision.

Are you interested in becoming part of this international festival in Leichlingen? We welcome anyone who would like to get involved. Let’s create something special together!