Cooking together on 07.06.2023: A barbecue in bright sunny weather. A new record of participants

The “Cooking Together” event on June 7, 2023 was not only a culinary highlight, but also broke all previous records in terms of the number of participants. With nearly 30 participants, the event was a great success and showed the growing popularity of the project.

The large number of people who gathered to cook and eat together created a lively and vibrant atmosphere. The participants were enthusiastic and brought their culinary skills and cultural backgrounds to the table.

The barbecue was a perfect opportunity to enjoy the warm temperatures and sunny weather. Under a bright blue sky, sausages, corn on the cob and feta cheese were cooked on the grill. Participants had fun turning the food, firing up the grill and experiencing the irresistible aroma of barbecue.

The variety of dips and salads made for a varied taste experience. From the spicy herb butter to the creamy guacamole to the refreshing tzatziki, there was something for everyone. The homemade flatbreads and baguettes were a perfect complement to the grilled food and rounded out the menu.

The high number of participants was a sign of the success of the “Cooking Together” project and the growing enthusiasm of people for the idea of cooking and eating together. It shows that people from different backgrounds and cultures can come together to create something in common and build new connections.

We were overwhelmed by the great response and positive feedback from the participants. We are proud that the “Cooking Together” event attracts so many people and provides a platform for cultural exchange and integration.

With the new record number of participants, we have reached an important milestone. We are motivated to continue the project.