Cooking strawberry jam together in Leichlingen: A sweet experience of cohesion

recently, a special event took place in Leichlingen that brought people of different origins and cultures together: making strawberry jam together. Initiated by the committed group “Leichlingen Hilft” and supported by the family farm “Gut Nesselrath”, not only jam was made on this day, but also solidarity and a sense of community were promoted.

The idyllic Nesselrath Estate, located on the Wupper River, is a traditional family farm that has carried on the passion for agriculture for centuries. With over 100 hectares of agricultural land, juicy strawberries are one of the crops grown there. And it was precisely these fresh strawberries that Gut Nesselrath generously provided for the joint jam making.

The event took place at the Evangelical Free Church congregation in Leichlingen and attracted numerous participants. Together they chopped, stirred and cooked, while the fresh smell of strawberries and sugar spread through the room. The atmosphere was one of joy, collaboration and sharing of experiences and stories.

It was not only the end result, a delicious homemade strawberry jam, that delighted the participants, but above all the process of cooking together. The jam was tasted still hot and fresh with fresh bread on the spot – a taste experience shared and enjoyed by all present.

Special thanks to the Conrads family of Gut Nesselrath, who not only provided their high quality strawberries, but also showed their commitment to the Leichlingen community. The generous support of Gut Nesselrath made it possible for “Leichlingen Hilft” to create this unforgettable experience for all participants.

As an expression of gratitude, the jointly cooked strawberry jam was fairly divided among all present. Even the volunteers of “Leichlingen Hilft” who were not present received a jam as a thank you.

This event clearly showed how joint actions like cooking strawberry jam can build bridges between different people and cultures. It was a moment of encounter that strengthened the cohesion in Leichlingen and gave all participants a feeling of solidarity.

“Leichlingen Hilft” is already planning further actions and projects to strengthen the community and support people in difficult situations. The success of making strawberry jam together shows that sharing resources, ideas and time helps build a more positive and supportive society.

We would like to thank all those involved who contributed to this successful event and look forward to further joint activities that promote togetherness in Leichlingen.

Stay tuned for upcoming projects and support “Leichlingen Hilft” in making positive changes.