Bright success of the Vegetarian Pumpkin Evening

Autumn is undoubtedly a magical season, and in Leichlingen this magic was celebrated in all its glory on September 13, 2023. Organized by “Leichlingen Hilft”, the “Vegetarian Pumpkin Evening” was held, an event that honored the autumn season in all its glory. People of all ages came together to enjoy delicious pumpkin dishes, unleash their creative talents in pumpkin carving, and build community.

Discover the diversity of pumpkins

The evening began with an informative introduction featuring generous donations from Rene Herber in the form of Hokkaido pumpkins, Atlantic Gigant and Gele Reuzen giant pumpkins, Snake pumpkins and Butternut pumpkins. Pictures from the pumpkin patch and an informative video on Rene Herber’s YouTube channel provided insight into the fascinating variety of pumpkins. In the process, some guests were surprised to learn that you can eat the skin of Hokkaido pumpkins.

Culinary highlights

The preparation of the pumpkins became a communal activity where the pumpkins were cut in half, sliced or chopped and made into a variety of delicious dishes. From savory and creamy pumpkin soup to baked pumpkin ravioli with ricotta, pumpkin was undoubtedly the star of an impressive menu. Even the delicious pumpkin bread and tempting pumpkin pie were conjured up from these versatile pumpkins.

Children creativity

But the evening offered not only culinary delights. The children had the opportunity to carve giant pumpkins and develop their creative skills. The results were stunning, and the proud young artists were able to take their artwork home. This special moment illustrated how the pride of the children and the joy of their creativity made the evening even more radiant.

Community and empathy

The event was organized by “Leichlingen Hilft”, an initiative that works to strengthen the community and support people in difficult situations. The “Vegetarian Pumpkin Evening” showed once again how cooking and eating together not only pleases the palate, but also builds bridges of understanding and empathy between people of different backgrounds.

Thanks to Rene Herber

A big thank you goes out to Rene Herber who generously donated Hokkaido pumpkins, giant pumpkins and butternut squash. Your support helped create this special evening celebrating culinary diversity.

A complete success

The “Vegetarian Pumpkin Evening” was undoubtedly a great success, focusing on the joy of cooking, sharing meals and the magic of autumn. “Leichlingen Hilft” has once again shown how the community can be strengthened by people coming together to do good. We look forward to more events that will bring us even closer together in the future.