Together for Solidarity: A Culinary Experience with Heart and Hope

Under the sign of solidarity, people from the community of Leichlingen came together to show their support for the people in the war and crisis zones at the Solidarity Cooking for Israel. This special culinary experience focused not only on cooking delicious Israeli dishes, but also on sharing emotions and thoughts about current events.

While cooking together, impressive recipes were prepared that represented the diversity of Israeli cuisine. From the shakshuka to the fresh Israeli salad, the couscous salad and the sweet baklava with freshly baked pita bread – the culinary journey through Israel was a treat for the senses.

But not only the palate was spoiled, but also the hearts of the participants. Before sharing a meal, everyone observed a poignant moment of silence. In the conversations around the table, the impact of war and conflict on the people who have fled the affected areas was clearly felt. The sympathy and compassion were evident in every gesture and word.

The evening was marked by a unique connection between people of different backgrounds and experiences. Together they set a sign of solidarity and support for the people in Israel and the war zones.

The organizers of the solidarity cook-off express their sincere thanks to all participants and hope for a future in which peace and security will prevail in the region. In these moments together we find not only culinary joy, but also hope for a better, more peaceful world, where solidarity and cohesion are the sign of the times.