Cooking together and breaking the fast: A bridge to integration in Leichlingen

In a world often marked by social divisions, food is proving to be a universal language that brings people together. In Leichlingen, a city characterized by cultural diversity and tolerance, a remarkable initiative has developed to strengthen integration by cooking together and breaking the fast.

For over a year, people from different backgrounds have been coming together every Wednesday to cook and eat together. What started as a simple cooking meeting has quickly evolved into a significant intercultural exchange that transcends the boundaries of religions and ethnicities.

During Ramadan, the holy month of fasting for Muslims, this initiative takes on a special significance. Breaking the fast together after sunset becomes a highlight of the week as people of different faiths and worldviews come together to share meals and experience community.

“Leichlingen Hilft” attaches great importance to the fact that everyone is welcome, regardless of their cultural or religious affiliation. Financial backgrounds should also not exclude anyone from participating; the event is open to all free of charge. The premises are barrier-free.

However, the importance of cooking together and breaking the fast goes far beyond eating. It creates a platform for intercultural dialogue and promotes understanding, respect and solidarity. People from different backgrounds and lifestyles have the opportunity to share their stories, learn from each other and break down prejudices.

In order to better plan the event, interested parties are asked to register in advance. This allows for efficient organization and ensures that there is enough space and food for everyone.

Cooking together and breaking the fast is a symbol of diversity and unity in Leichlingen. It shows that through joint activities, bridges can be built between people from different backgrounds. As a participant or supporter of this initiative, you contribute to creating a community characterized by inclusion, tolerance and mutual respect.

At a time when the world is striving for unity and cohesion, cooking and breaking the fast together in Leichlingen offers an inspiring message: that regardless of our differences, we are stronger together.


Start of cooking together at 6 p.m.


Is mandatory, please contact!
If you are interested, please register here!

Evangelical Free Church congregation Leichlingen
At the brickyard 3-5
42799 Leichlingen


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