Search for premises for cooking together in Leichlingen: A call for support and brainstorming

Dear people of Leichlingen,

As you know, we haven’t found any suitable premises for our cooking together since the beginning of May. Despite intensive searching, we are still looking for a place where we can hold our culinary meetings. We are open to ideas and tips, so we ask you to let us know anything you can think of. Do you know anyone? Talk to him or give us his contact details.

We also appeal to our city of Leichlingen and to the political decision-makers: Show us that integration is not just an empty phrase for you, but a real concern! Collaborative activities such as cooking are not only a way to bring different cultures together, but also a sign that we stand together as a community.

But we are not giving up. We continue. Today, 08.05.2024, we met at Brückerfeld and walked together to the bus station. On the way we made a stop at the Pizzeria Evergreen – in my opinion one of the tastiest and nicest pizzerias in Leichlingen. There we got family pizzas and enjoyed them in the old (new) city park. Afterwards we treated ourselves to delicious ice cream in the ice cream parlor in Gartenstraße. In between, we even called Uli on vacation and sang her a birthday serenade. I think we succeeded in the surprise.

It was a wonderful evening with many nice people. But even though we enjoyed this shared exchange, we noticed that we already miss cooking together. The small everyday questions like “Who gets the vacuum cleaner?” or “Who does the dishes?” reminded us how much we miss a real kitchen.

Already last week Wednesday we met at the May Festival in Brückerfeld and enjoyed some grilled sausages together. In the coming weeks, we will also meet on Wednesday and do something nice together. But with a proper kitchen it would be easier and even more beautiful.

Please help us find a solution. Your support and ideas are needed now more than ever.

The team of Cooking Together in Leichlingen