Ukraine aid: Telekom SIM news – July

We have been helping refugees from Ukraine since the beginning of the war. One of our help during the crisis was the distribution of SIM cards to the refugees. With the SIM card from Telekom, free, unlimited use of data, telephone calls and text messages within Germany and the Ukraine were possible.

How is it going in the next few weeks?
The issue of free SIM cards has ended. SIM cards that have already been issued also retain their free function (telephony and SMS to Ukraine and the EU, as well as unlimited data volume) until the SMS is received.
SMS will be sent out gradually until August at the latest. Until then, use will continue to be free of charge.
Those who do not want to continue using the SIM card do not have to do anything. The card will be blocked after the period specified in the SMS.
Protection seekers who already use a free SIM card will receive an SMS to their mobile number in the coming weeks with a link to an offer to switch to the new, discounted rate:
Costs: 9.95 € per four weeks 10 GB data volume for use in Germany and Europe Flat rate to all German networks; 300 free minutes to Ukraine per four weeks, then 22 cents per minute and 7 cents per SMS Number portability the first four weeks are free and include 100 GB data volume Who accept the offer and the SIM card including. If you want to continue using the phone number, you must follow the SMS link. If you don’t want to continue using the SIM card, you don’t have to do anything. The card will then be blocked after 30.06.2022. The SMS dispatch as well as cancellation of the cards are carried out in stages. SIM cards that were issued first will be the first to receive the SMS and the first to be switched off. SIM cards that are still being issued are the last to be affected.

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