Cooking together 26.04.2023

On 26.04 it was time again: The project “Cooking together” in Leichlingen took place again. This time there was a culinary trip to Thailand. The fellow cook had chosen the recipes and prepared a delicious meal with the group.

For starters we had a refreshing glass noodle salad with peanuts and for the main course a delicious yellow chicken curry with rice. The Tom Ka soup with tofu and the stir-fry vegetables were also a delight. For dessert, we had sticky rice with a mango mousse, which rounded out the menu perfectly.

During the cooking and eating, interesting conversations were held again, this time it was about Thai culture and the peculiarities of the cuisine. It was fascinating to see how cooking and eating together helps bring people from different cultures together and allows for an open exchange.

The project “Cooking Together” is open to everyone, regardless of their background. Everyone is welcome to participate in this project and gain culinary experience. Attendance is free, but registration is required to plan for the number of participants.

The project “Cooking Together” not only contributes to integration, but also offers the opportunity to learn new dishes and expand culinary skills. It is a wonderful initiative that shows how cooking and eating together brings people together and creates friendships. The next joint cooking is already planned and we are looking forward to experiencing many interesting people and delicious dishes again.

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