Cooking together on 10.05.2023: A culinary journey to Albania

On May 10, 2023, the “Cooking Together” project was held again in Leichlingen. This time, the participants embarked on a culinary journey to Albania. Traditional dishes were prepared and enjoyed together, while interesting conversations about Albanian culture and cuisine were held.

One of the main attractions of the evening was the preparation of “Pite”, an Albanian bread. It is a savory pastry often served with various fillings. In this “Cooking Together” event, the pite was stuffed with spinach and cheese to give participants an authentic taste experience. The crusty and spicy bread was a real treat.

Another dish that was prepared was “Fërgesë”. It is a delicious mixture of roasted peppers, tomatoes and cheese. This spicy combination gives the dish a unique flavor. The participants had the opportunity to help with the preparation and get to know the Albanian cuisine better.

Another highlight of the evening was “Byrek me spinaq”, a puff pastry filled with spinach. This dish is very popular in Albanian cuisine and was prepared with enthusiasm by the participants. The crispy puff pastry and spicy spinach filling made for a real taste sensation.

Cooking together created a warm and welcoming atmosphere where people from different backgrounds and cultures could interact.

The project “Cooking Together” is open to all who are interested in culinary experiences and cultural exchange. Attendance is free, but requires advance registration to plan for the number of participants.

The May 10, 2023 event was another great success for the “Cooking Together” project. It gave participants the opportunity to learn about Albanian dishes and learn new culinary skills while making new friends. The project contributes to integration and shows how cooking together can bring people together.

The next “Cooking Together” event is already in the starting blocks, and the organizers are looking forward to welcoming many interested people again and experiencing another culinary journey.