On May 17, 2023, another “Cooking Together” event took place in Leichlingen. This time, the participants embarked on a culinary journey to the United States of America. It was an event attended by many people with and without a migration background and once again received an overwhelming response.

The main focus of the evening was on typical American dishes. One of the most popular dishes prepared was “cornbread” or cornbread. This hearty bread is made from cornmeal and is especially common in the southern states of the United States. The participants had the opportunity to bake the cornbread themselves and enjoy the authentic taste.

Another classic American dish was “country potatoes.” These are spicy fried potatoes that are often served as a side dish to various dishes. Participants had fun cutting, seasoning and preparing potatoes in the pan.

Of course, an American evening could not be complete without hamburgers. Participants prepared juicy hamburger patties and put them on the grill to achieve their signature flavor. This was accompanied by hamburger buns and a selection of toppings so that everyone could customize their hamburger to their liking.

To round out the menu, “coleslaw,” an American coleslaw, was also prepared. This refreshing salad of shaved cabbage and a creamy dressing variation went perfectly with the other dishes.

A special gesture during the evening was the delivery of meals to a participant who had to stay at home due to illness. The participants of the “Cooking Together” made sure that she got her meal delivered free. This shows the warm and caring atmosphere that prevails at these events.

The project “Cooking Together” is an initiative that brings together people from different cultures and backgrounds. It provides a platform for cultural exchange and integration. Everyone is welcome to participate and gain new culinary experiences.

The “Cooking Together” event on May 17, 2023 was once again a great success. Over 20 people attended and enjoyed the variety of American cuisine. It was a lively and joyful event that showed how food can connect people.

The organizers are already planning the next “Cooking Together” event and look forward to welcoming many interested people again. It’s a wonderful way to make friends, broaden your cultural horizons, and