Cooking together on 31.05.2023: A culinary journey to Armenia

On May 31, 2023, the “Cooking Together” event took place in Leichlingen and took participants on a culinary journey to Armenia. That evening, traditional Armenian dishes were prepared and enjoyed together.

One of the main attractions of the evening was the preparation of baklava, a delicious sweet treat from Armenia. Participants had the opportunity to layer the paper-thin dough, fill it with nuts and pour aromatic syrup over it. The result was a deliciously sweet and crunchy dessert that delighted everyone.

Another refreshing drink prepared that evening was Tan. Tan is a yogurt drink often flavored with fresh herbs and spices such as mint and cilantro. Participants had fun mixing the ingredients and enjoying the refreshing drink.

Pilaf and manti were prepared as hearty dishes. Pilaf is an aromatic rice side dish commonly served in Armenia. The rice is refined with various spices and sometimes with dried fruits to give it a special flavor. The participants had the opportunity to cook the pilaf and serve it with the other dishes.

Manti are traditional Armenian dumplings filled with a spicy meat filling. The participants had the opportunity to knead the dough, prepare the filling and shape the manti. These handmade dumplings were a treat for all the senses and were eaten with enthusiasm.

To round out the menu, we had lavash, a traditional Armenian flatbread. Lavash is made from simple ingredients such as flour, water and salt and baked in the oven. It is a versatile bread that can be served as a side dish to a variety of dishes.

While cooking and eating together, the participants had the opportunity to learn more about Armenian culture, traditions and culinary specialties. Stories and memories were shared and a sense of belonging was created.

The “Cooking Together” project offers people from different backgrounds and nationalities the opportunity to come together, cook together and learn from each other. It promotes cultural exchange, strengthens integration and creates an atmosphere of togetherness.

The “Cooking Together” event on May 31, 2023 was another success for the project. Participants enjoyed the variety of Armenian cuisine and the opportunity to learn about new dishes and expand culinary skills.

The organizers of the project are thrilled with the positive response and are already looking forward to the next “Cooking Together” event. They invite anyone interested to participate in this unique project to discover the world through food and make new friends.